Corporate Workshops and Trade Shows

 One of our specialities is theme-related workshops and plays for trade shows and similar events.


We have recently produced five short plays on various aspects of Health and Safety for Arco of Hull, the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment. These presentations enlivened 8 trade events around England and Scotland where, in a light-hearted fashion, vendors, customers and Arco employees were treated to the misadventures of Mr Resister, an employer who refuses to ensure that the body, feet, hands and heads of his employees are fully protected.


We are happy to be commissioned to write and present on any theme and for any type of business.


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 “Forty flawless performances over a 4 week period, and our 2000 + guests never baulked at this innovative method of education – you didn’t just make a difference, you made THE difference.”

Thomas Martin

      – Joint Managing Director, Arco Ltd


“Brilliant script… Wonderful show… Stonking…”

Richard Harrison – Words & Pictures Company