Brief Lives Comments & Reviews

Neil King as John Aubrey in 'Brief Li ves'

I can’t tell you how much David and I enjoyed your John Aubrey at Richmond last night. It was a splendid production and we loved your interpretation of the character. I am so glad we made the effort (100 miles round trip) to see the production in that very special theatre. Wasn’t it packed? A great audience (Joanna) at Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond

Loved it! (Trevor) Fantastic (Tracy) Tour de Force (Jane) Thoroughly enjoyed it (Chrystabel) I had to telephone you to tell you how wonderful the production was. I needed cheering up, and my goodness it did that (Sheila) I was drawn in and felt that I could smell the noxious elements that I saw and heard. A good theatrical experience! (Wendy) at Skidby Village Hall

Neil King really took us back to the seventeenth century. Congratulations on a wonderful performance (Elizabeth) Marvellous – totally engaging, funny and brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it! (Sue) Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming (Len) Moving (John) I was completely captivated from the outset. Superb (Howard) Excellent (Elsie) at North Newbald Village Hall

Quality throughout. Fortunate to have professional live drama here (Eve) Amazing for one man to keep the audience’s attention for an hour and a half (Val) at Etton Village Hall

Really entertaining. Thank you for a fascinating performance. Enjoyed every minute of it (Cathy). Wonderful (Elizabeth) Tour de force! Neil King equals the classic Roy Dotrice in London so many years ago (Peter) Excellent (Allderidge) An enjoyable evening with a venerable and frank gentleman. Thank you very much for coming to our village (Betty) at Nafferton Village Hall

Excellent. First rate performance (David) Spellbinding (Shaw) Very entertaining (Len) at the Milton Rooms, Malton

Brilliant performance (Bryan) A wonderful tale of the past related to the present in so many ways (Sian) Imaginative (Chris) Excellent (Joy) Fascinating. Much enjoyed and valued as a community arts contribution (Rachel) Fantastic acting, great set, thought-provoking. Thanks for an enjoyable evening (Jo) A very enjoyable performance (Fred) Enjoyed this so much. Wonderful set. Thanks very much for coming (Caroline). Set excellent. Entirely believable character (Fiona) Cleverly portrayed, believable & entertaining. Aubrey looked as if he needed a bath! (Jim) Intriguing (Sandy) Brilliant performance (Henry) at Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall

What a refreshing change for the village. Thank you (Graham) Awesome. A total must for all (Paul) Delightful evening (Catherine) Ditto (Ian) My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening – entertaining, informative, sad and funny. Thank you so much for coming and giving us an insight into live theatre. Magical Interpretation (Steve) ‘Twas great magic (John) An absolute delight (Pat) Fab!! Superb (Carolyn) Wonderful production. Enjoyed every minute. Time flew by (Ron) Different & entertaining. Wonderful set (Paula) at Bishop Wilton Village Hall

Extraordinary! Absolute tour de force. Many years ago I read ‘Brief Lives’ never expecting to come so close to the actual gentleman! Totally convincing. I cannot imagine Neil King’s performance being bettered. We are visitors from Devon and wish we had companies such as Other Lives coming to our rural location (Catherine) I felt privileged to be part of the audience. Set and sound superb. Best wishes for the rest of the tour (Jean) With all the TV channels we have there is nothing on any of them to compare with this show (Brian) A most entertaining evening (Mary) Loved the set (Belinda) Superb set and sound effects. Congratulations (Sylvia) Marvellous! On a par with Roy Dotrice’s John Aubrey which I saw more than forty years ago. Neil King lived the role to perfection. A wonderful evening (Tony) Most enjoyable. Thank you (Jim) Illuminating, fascinating account of the events of the time. Well done! (Jean) Very rude & entertaining!! (Mary) Relaxing, amusing & well played. A superb set. Well done!  (Lionel) at Walkington Village Hall

Excellent production. I was fully transported into John Aubrey’s world. I saw this play 40 years ago at York Theatre Royal and wondered if this performance could possibly match the one that delighted me then. It did. Very well done to the actor and all the production staff. Good luck with the rest of the tour (Lynette) We all enjoyed it immensely. We were moved to laughter, to wonder and at times to tears. It was a remarkable piece of acting. Thanks for a really enjoyable evening (Alan, Judy & friends) Travelled from Sheffield to see your production of Brief Lives in Doncaster and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saw productions by both Michael Williams (1998) in Sheffield and by Roy Dotrice (2008) at Lincoln and I found the performance in Doncaster to be equal to both of these. A big “thank you”. We look forward to catching the next Other Lives Productions tour (Geoff) Totally immersed me in the era and Aubrey’s life and ambitions. Neil King gave a performance that managed to be funny, moving and totally credible (Owen) Excellent. Please do not let the modest size of the audience stop such treasures coming to Doncaster – we do value them and have few such chances (Edgar and Jean) A tour de force performance: captured the spirit of the book and its times. Well worth our visit (Jackie) Delightful performance. Set design made you feel you were in the 1600s. All highly recommended. Thank you and good luck with the tour (Nancy) Fantastic! Please come again (Alan & Sue) Impeccably delivered, funny and tragic. It was like being transported back to that era. Thank you! (Zoe)  One word – Brilliant! We would definitely see the play again. Thank you for bringing the production to Doncaster (Mrs Harrison) Loved it! Please keep this up. Will recommend to friends (Sue) Wonderful & entertaining. Potpourri of 17th century life, brilliantly acted such that you felt a part of it (Marg) Excellent performance in an intimate setting. Believable character (Terry) Akin to being transported back in time. I would enjoy repeated performances (Geoffrey) Unusual. Very well done. Excellent set & props (Mrs Brown) Intimate, detailed set much appreciated. Well played (Hazel) Very enjoyable form of human history told by an actor who perfectly caught the spirit of an aged storyteller (Mrs Sanderson) Utterly charming. Would definitely recommend (Charlie) Brilliant! (Steve) at Cast Theatre, Doncaster

So delightfully performed, deliciously brought alive for a younger generation (Jill) Funny, poignant – well worth arts council support. Thank you (Tony) Excellent – a humorous, thoughtful look into the past (Margaret) Thank you  – a very convivial evening (Mrs Stead) Very much enjoyed – informative and funny. Thank you (Mary) Strangely engaging while being superficially undemanding. I felt I’d got to know Aubrey well by the end. Lovely bit of theatre (Jerry) This was an excellent evening. Thank you (Jean) Hugely enjoyable, surprising and, ultimately, very touching show. Thank you for coming to Halifax (Andrew) A brilliant performance. I saw this some 45 years ago with Roy Dotrice and it has lost none of its fascination (Trew) Great show, very enjoyable, excellent performance – Thanks (Carol) Didn’t know what to expect but it captured me from beginning to end (Al) at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax

Howden is fortunate to be able to enjoy productions of this quality (Clive & Victoria) As good as the 1970s production with Roy Dotrice (Des) A fascinating & brilliant tour de force. I would not have wanted to miss the experience (Ailsa) Thank you for bringing this to Howden. Excellent acting and production (Sarah) Thoroughly enjoyed it (Sheryle) Thank you for such an enjoyable evening (Angela) Impressive (Max) Brilliant. Fantastic set ( Sue) Excellent (George) Wonderful performance (Barbara) Wonderful set (Harry)  I look forward to you bringing Shakespeare here (Spike) Thoroughly enjoyable evening – unusual, informative & amusing (Bernie) Greatly enjoyed (Terry) Brilliant evening (Rob & Carol) at Howden Shire Hall

Excellent performance with glimpses of humanity in all its variations. Great atmosphere and characterisation. Thank you! (Robert) The spirit of the seventeenth century bottled and then corked! A splendid production, excellently acted and thoroughly enjoyed. Aubrey would be proud (Avril) Thought-provoking (Lydia) On holiday here and enjoyed a great one-man show (Elizabeth) An absorbing evening (Roger) An excellent performance by Neil King (Doug & Jean) at York Friargate Theatre

Fantastic production. Totally taken back in time and transported in place. Could not believe our hall could look so amazing (Yvonne) Absolutely first-class. Completely gripped by character and his stories. Set Impressive. Wonderful to be accessible to rural communities. Thank you (Heather) An excellent evening. It surpassed all my expectations (Margaret) An amazing evening. No words would do. Neil King did his wonderful set justice (Alice) A veritable tour de force (Sian) A wonderful ‘peep’ at life in the 1600s. Thoroughly entertaining and will be back for a second helping very soon. Thank you so much (Angie) Another excellent Other Lives production (Roy) Ditto (Chloe) Excellent production full of wit and humour (Simon) A most thought-provoking evening. Many thanks (Judy) An extremely clever performance (Fran) Absorbing (Jimmy) at Swanland Village Hall

Thoroughly enjoyed and will highly recommend (Donna) Excellent staging. Very glad to able to see this type of theatre in a small village hall (Linda) An excellent production. Looking forward to the next one (Imelda) Really enjoyed the performance. Great set (Tom) Thoroughly absorbing and entertaining night: thank you for the excellent performance (Stasia) at Thornton-le-Dale Village Hall

I was greatly entertained. Mr King was superb – totally engaging against a set which appeared so authentic. I was transported back into history in a unique way – a new slant on our appreciation of what life was really like. Thank you so much (Christine) Excellent entertainment. Rich story-telling, bringing the character alive. Stunning set. Painted pictures in words (Phoebe) One lone actor held our attention for the entire show – good pace and never dull. A very believable performance (Veronica) A wonderful show. Amazing that one man could hold our attention for the whole time. I really felt drawn into his world. I wanted to get up and help him put on his coat (Pam) The acting was captivating and the storytelling compelling (Patricia) Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you (Jenny) Thoroughly enjoyed – Brought back memories of fun history lessons! (Kathryn) at the Phoenix Theatre, Bawtry

An astounding performance. Please come again (Barbara) A fine, enjoyable performance, and glad to see good theatre in the countryside (Teddy) Wonderful, informative, witty – what a talent! The set was fantastic. Not our usual kind of thing but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and thank you to all involved (Pete & Vicki) Great fun. One actor had the entire audience’s attention. Pathos, humour: I feel that everyone should read Aubrey (Claire) Wonderful performance. Held my attention throughout. Entertaining in every way (Kathleen) Brilliant performance (Dave) Enjoyed the historical relevance to a real person (Annie) Great! Thank you (Tom) Intense, very engaging performance… but thank goodness for pull chain toilets, and Aubrey needs to find a new fishmonger (Steve & Kim) Excellent production (Mavis) Brilliant (Ann) Very amusing, enjoyable experience – it’s good to have a chuckle! (Irene) Impressive stamina by Neil King. Great humour (Pat) at Hutton-le-Hole Village Hall

Wow! That was different. Going  home to look up all those people I didn’t know. Bravo (Daniel) Superb performance. Time flew by. A treat (William) Very atmospheric. Aubrey is a very engaging character and was played with great passion and amazing stamina to hold the stage as a single actor. The attention to detail of the ways of life in that period was amazing. Thanks. Greatly entertaining (Lesley) Superb portrayal of a man of his time. I look forward to future productions (Cherine) Transported us back to the days of the Stuarts. Amazing performance. Wonderful set, too. Thank you (George) Extremely well executed (David) Really enjoyed it (Ann) Enjoyable evening, fantastic set. Extraordinary memory of one actor (Andrew & Dorothy) Very entertaining (Anne) Thoroughly enjoyed the performance (Liz) at Lund Village Hall

For many years I have looked forward to seeing/hearing old John Aubrey – you did not disappoint! Thank you (Janet) Super production (Willie) An excellent, fun, laugh-out-loud evening. Thank you (Henry)  Super performance – delightful (Derek) Lovely production – much enjoyed the humour (Celia) Accomplished acting. Thank you (Deborah) Excellent, lovely evening’s entertainment (John & Rosie) An admirable evening (James) at Sutton on the Forest Village Hall

A triumph. Neil brings to life the portrayal of an extraordinary character within an impressive set (Rachel) Absolutely brilliant! (Mike & Nikki) A wonderful and warm play, beautifully played. I will be encouraging family and friends to see it! (Andy) Just like the travelling players. Brought history to life. (Gill) Exactly the right, intimate atmosphere for a village hall. Felt like John Aubrey’s living room (John) Great attention to detail (Beryl) Excellent – a great surprise! (Chris) An excellent, thoroughly enjoyed evening. Thank you (Billy) Excellent performance. Most enjoyable (Bryn) Excellent performance. Amazing set (Jan) Excellent tour de force. Loved the set (Richard) Engaging performance. It’s good to see smaller productions touring the local venues (Karen) at Bishop Burton Village Hall

Absolutely fantastic. Saw Roy Dotrice play the part and have remembered it ever since. Tonight’s performance was equally compelling. So glad we came. Looking forward to the next Other Lives production (Lisa & Jean) Absolutely brilliant, sparkling performance (Mary) A wonderful evening. We laughed and cried with John Aubrey’s reminiscences. Set felt 17th century. Also one of the best programmes I have seen for a long time (Eve) Tour de force. Witty & thought-provoking (Bill & Eleanor) Excellent in every detail. Saw the play with Roy Dotrice 40 years ago, and this was just as good. Pleased to see a nearly full house. Good also that this has been on a tour of so many local venues (David) So well directed and performed. Magical theatre does happen north of Watford! (Archie) Loved ‘Brief Lives’ with Neil King, as did all my party. Recommend seeing it again – fabulous live entertainment and a captivating performance. Has revived my zest for theatre (Gillian) Let’s have more evenings like this! (Mick) Vital and humorous throughout, evoking the smells and sounds of the time (John) Such a wonderful set (Sarah)Truly marvellous. Neil King was magnificent, making theworld of Aubrey real and taking the audience with him (Harry & Hilda) A great atmosphere (Lucy) Simply splendid. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Neil King was marvellous (Georgia) Really enjoyed (Carla) Great Performance (Jill & Malcolm) As entertaining as Roy Dotrice in central London a generation ago (John) Superb performance. I could really envision the recounted tales of everyday happenings in lives that ‘history’ omits. I’m very tempted to see the whole thing again later in the tour (Ron) Excellent production. Very witty. Great comic timing – Neil King brought John Aubrey to life (Alan) Brilliant production and a wonderfully accessible performance by Neil King. Thank you (Sue) Unique – and the better for it (Michael) Cracking! I liked the character from his first appearance and grew to like him more as the play developed. Superb set (Gordon) Enthralling – I’l go straight back to my copy of Brief Lives.  Inspired set (Stephanie) Fantastic show! Nobody could help being intrigued (Chris & Jess) Fine performance within a perpetually interesting set. Long live live theatre! (Peter) Very clever production. Great set. Recommended! (Susan) Fully realised character. The conflict in the piece was delicately expressed (Rachel & Tom) Neil King gives a captivating performance (Chris & Terry) Will now be reading up on John Aubrey (Donna) Charming and endearing. Pure quality (Patrick) Engrossing. A great experience. Thank you (Colin) I felt as though I was in the 17th century (Barry) Absolutely marvellous (James) Has encouraged my theatre-going again (Steve) One of the best productions I’ve seen (Pam) Brilliant entertainment  (Andrew) First class (Belinda) Engrossing with wonderful little incidents (John) Thoroughly enjoyed Neil King’s performance – funny, philosophical, sad – a fantastic 90 minutes made by an outstanding set (Jessica & Rodney) Rich, brave performance (Lucy) Tempted to see this again. Loved the set (Sue) Superb – really brought Aubrey to life (Denise) An excellent evening’s entertainment. I will be looking out for future productions by this company (Harry) A wonderful evening – mesmerising, amazing acting from Neil King, holding our attention the whole way through. Full of admiration for the performance, the set, the details, and the pleasure they gave. Thank you. I look forward to the next production (Edna) at Hull Truck

This is why we need Arts Funding! (Paul) Better than the original Roy Dotrice performance on TV many years ago. A remarkable performance (Alison) Came back for a second helping after seeing this production at Richmond two months ago. It would be splendid to perform this in the Sam Wanamaker space at Shakespeare’s Globe (Cheryl) Compelling performances. Wonderful staging. A great one-man show. More of this, please!! (Lorraine) I so enjoyed this exquisite piece of theatre. Enthralling and engaging, with humour and sadness. A great evening (Marilyn) A pleasure to be taken back a few centuries by such a skilled actor. I’ll research John Aubrey and look forward to finding out more about his life and work. Delightfully detailed set (Michael) Extraordinary. Small productions in small communities is the way to go (Richard) Superb evocation of a riper age. Brilliant (David) Captivating performance. Very poignant (Sandra) One-man spectacular. Funny, sad, informative. Intimate theatre at its best (John) Witty (James) Excellent (Amy) Very well done (Carol) A fascinatinG insight into some lives from long ago (Richard) Amazing wit and pathos. Wonderful set, and very effective movement around it by Neil King as Aubrey (Angela) Excellently played. Lovely set (Marilyn) Thank you so very much for such an enjoyable evening (Edward) What a tour de force. Come again soon with other productions (Imogen) Intimate and engaging (Ron) Lovely character (Jan) at Bingley Arts Centre

A fantastic evening. A masterclass in the use of the English Language (Norris) Stupendous acting (Jill) So original in such a wonderful setting. More, please!! (Ray) Absolutely fantastic. Set and story both incredible (Sophie) Wonderful timing (Thelma) Excellent (David) Entertaining, enjoyable, splendid (Angela) A walk through history in amusing anecdotal form. Excellent! Thank you. (Hugh) Superb. Totally absorbing (Norma) I felt transported to the 17th century. Thank you (Olwyn) at The Old Chapel, North Dalton

Excellent. Please come again (Laraine) We expected a tour de force, and it was (Margaret) Splendid Performance and set (Burton) Unique theatrical experience, full of intensity and humour. Thank you (Roy) A wonderful performance I look forward to future Other Lives productions (Jane) Excellent (Susie) A tour-de-force. Quirky, entertaining, quizzical and contrary – never dull, frequently charming and, thanks to Neil King’s inspired performance, the end result is nothing less than time travel back to the life and times of John Aubrey. A great evening out! (Harry) It is good for live theatre to tour to smaller venues. Long may it continue (Michael) Engaging (Trevor) A talented actor (Liz) Brilliant acting which kept the attention all the way through (Chris) Very enjoyable (Heidi) I would recommend this production to others. Thank you (Nadia) Please keep coming here (Chris) at the Floral Hall, Hornsea

Excellent (Rose) Neil King is exceptional. Great set design (Gaye) Most enjoyable at this intimate venue (Norman) Highly entertaining (Elaine) A visit to the people of the period (Godfrey) Wonderful set. Makes me want to read more about the period and Aubrey’s Lives (Colin) Stupendous evening and venue (Harriet) Amazing. Live, personal theatre – a real treat! (Anne) An excellent, affecting performance in a lovely, intimate, historic loaction (Henry) Superb acting. A most entertaining and philosophical reflection. I look forward to seeing more of Neil King (Graham) Very enjoyable in every way. Unusual and delightful setting. Excellent performance (Val) A memorable evening. Thank you (Berna) A great, moving portrait by Neil. The set was amazing (Hetty) Marvellous. A tour de force by Neil King. We hope to enjoy many more such shows in the future (Walter) Excellent (Ann) Human nature well portrayed. Plus ça change… (Karen) at Newbegin House, Beverley

I was lucky to be in the audience for Brief Lives last night at Appleton Le Moors. I thought the production was excellent – enthralling from start to finish. The set detail was fantastic and really added to the performance. Given there was just one actor taking us through a day in his life, it was both captivating and entertaining. It was great to see so many people from all walks of life and ages together in our village hall. My husband and I have only lived here for 18 months, and did not expect to see acting or a production of this calibre here just 2 minutes walk from our home. Long may the Arts Council continue to fund this theatre company and others like this, to bring entertainment like this to rural areas. I have been at a lunch party today with many people who were there last night and they were still talking about the play and how much they had enjoyed it. I hope you will come back in the not too distant future. Thank you to all at Other Lives Productions for putting this play on at Appleton (Jackie) A real treat to have such an excellent evening’s entertainment in a moorland village. Worthy of a city theatre. (Audrey) A superb production, a tour de force for us in a small village. First class (Katrina) An amazing evening, and an education (Fred) Whole evening a joy (Anne) Excellent – Could almost smell Aubrey (Amy) A fine evening – we hope for a return visit (Jane) Brilliant to have something like this in a sleepy moors village. What a joy! Thank you (Gill) Excellent performance. Very atmospheric. Quite different (Linda) Excellent, very well received production, ideal for small venues (Henry) Loved it! (Jean) Transported back in time (Nigel) Greatly enjoyed (Maggie) at Appleton le Moors Village Hall

Thank you so much for a different type of entertainment and a very interesting evening (Joan) Memorable performance (Kaye) Wonderful set (Simon) An excellent evening’s entertainment by an extremely talented and sympathetic actor (Kevin) A tour de force (James) Great acting (Stephen) Like listening to an elderly relative – but in a good way (Tony) A revelation of Aubrey’s life and times (Janet) at Kirkby Malzeard Mechanics Institute

Autumn 2016 revival

Fantastic piece of theatre – gripping, intimate. A very slick production. Feel very lucky to be able to see this in my little hamlet’s village hall. It’s high class enough to appear at the West Yorkshire Playhouse or any top London theatre, but travel to those places would be a problem for me – so a big thank you to all concerned – Neil King as John Aubrey, Richard Avery the director, and all the backroom/backstage staff (Ruth)  Great Acting. Fantastic set. Would love to see another performance (Penny) Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed. Roll on the next one (Miranda) What fun. A creative set, perfect for the show. The audience was spellbound (Jim) A wonderfully presented production in our small village hall. Neil King was truly amazing, bringing a difficult presentation to life. Superb set, and to erect it in such a small space was a work of skill and art. All praise to the production team (Brian) Witty, fantastic stories (Gordon) Highly atmospheric (Susan) Brilliant monologue (Eddy) Like listening to an elderly relative, but in a good way (Howard) at Hookstone Memorial Hall

As unforgettable as the original production (Colin) An uplifting experience (Robert) Brilliant (Carol) Such detailed observation (Sarah) Excellent evening – most enjoyable (John) Great show. Set and acting first class (Sue) at The Ropery, Barton-upon-Humber

Thought-provoking insight into our past. Such entertainment (Richard) Excellent set and execution within it meant everything came together brilliantly (Jim) Excellent show. Fantastic set. Really enjoyed it (Ali) Great (Andy) Very impressive (John) Very enjoyable. Highly recommended.  Could watch it again (Mandy) Innovative and engaging (Amy) Thoroughly enjoyable. Incredible talent. Brilliant set. Please visit our village again (Wanda) at Stillingfleet Village Institute

A 17th century ‘Talking Heads’. Transported us back to the period. Amazing set (Steve) Thanks for the introduction to a remarkable character. A happy experience (Cathy) A fine evening (Gerald) Highly amusing (Anne) Set and atmosphere wonderful (Zoe)  Highly recommended (Jamie) Much enjoyed – particularly having just read the book (David) Excellent. Want more. Come back to Potto! (Pam) Magic. A memorable evening (Jim) Beautifully spoken (Keith) Wonderful set and sound effects. A very happy evening (Anne) at Potto Village Hall

Like walking into a 17th century room and being a part of the action (Kathryn) Great acting (Julie) Delightful evening (James) Perfect entertainment (Cheri) Loved it (Sue) at Askham Bryan Village Hall

This production was exceptional. Neil King’s performance made real John Aubrey in his reduced, final days. The set was full of items illustrating his educated, cultured past whilst underlining the poverty in which he now lived.
I wish to add support to ‘Other Lives Productions’ and recommend that funding to them may be continued & increased (Jenny) Outstanding, committed performance brought to life by detailed dedication to the role and extraordinary set and production (Ben) Much enjoyed by all (Jill) Amazing. Great achievement by technical crew as well as Neil King’s memorable performance (Peter) Brilliant! Superb acting, spell-binding from the beginning (Tiffy) Wonderful venue, brilliant acting and superb evening altogether (Jane) Highly amusing. Thoroughly enjoyed by the whole audience. Fantastic set (Louise) at Watton Abbey

Very well played (Helen) Fascinating (Liz) Amazing set and every bit of it used. Beautifully acted, bringing the character to life (Eddy) A highly amusing insight into that era (Anne) at Haxby Memorial Hall

What a privilege to be able to see such talent in our village (Susan) A superb performance. Delightful, terrific evening’s entertainment (Anne) I would decline a dinner invitation to see this company again. An intimate, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable evening (Frances) Highly entertaining (Michael) Aubrey was brought to life in a most convincing way (Jon) Great way to  bring theatre to the village. Funny and witty – excellent (Jayne) Enlightening yet light-hearted. Excellently performed. So captivated that I  became lost in the period (Andy) Delivered with aplomb for history buffs. Superb set (Clive) at Monk Fryston Village Hall

Wonderful characterisation. We were enthralled (Madge) Wonderful. Great set (Roger) I’ve always wanted to see the play, and now I have. Excellent (David) Saw the original production 40 years ago. This was no disappointment (Gerry) at Terrington Village Hall

Bravura performance made possible by the Arts Council (Elaine) What a wonderful, gripping production. Please come back soon! (Jenny) Superb production, excellent set, first-rate acting. A marvellous evening’s entertainment (Richard) A real tour de force (Henry) You live the tales you are told (Teresa) Highly amusing (Mary) Very enjoyable (Eddie) Evocative. Good use of sound effects (Walter) Superb acting, superb set. Neil King inhabited Aubrey’s personality with truth and wit. Thank you for the evening of entertainment and pleasure (Martha) Magnificent set (Chris) Neil King totally convincing as John Aubrey (Vivienne) Witty, memorable. A performance of stamina (Kim) Looking forward to this company’s next visit (David) Fascinating (Mike) Most welcome excellence comes to this artistic wilderness. Keep up the good work!  (Maureen) Thoroughly enjoyable, totally different, props – wow! Keep going! (Norma) Wonderful performance which fully engaged the audience. Great Evening (Mary) Innovative (Harry) Excellent. I look forward to a return visit by this company (Dorothy) Great set and amazing acting. A wonderful experience (Iris) at The Heron Theatre, Beetham

The whole presentation was magical (John) Outstanding. Great to have such a quality theatre production in a small village hall (Astrid) Loved it. Difficult to get to good live theatre here, so thank you for coming (Louise) at Fylingdales Village Hall

Excellent. The experience was greatly enhanced by the brilliant set (Kathy) Impressive feat by Neil King (Martin) Thought-provoking enjoyment (Tim) Awe-inspiring energy (Rebecca) Amazing story-telling. Made you feel that you were there in the seventeenth century (Trish) Cracking performance (Harriet) The most interesting thing I’ve seen this year (Vincent) I was not watching and listening to Neil King, the actor – I was in the presence of John Aubrey (Richard) at the East Riding Theatre